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E-Commerce technology has brought a major change in the way customers purchase information, products and services. Your products and services can now be made available in the global market 24/7 all round the year to run business transactions through your website on the Internet.

What we at Intellisoftec will provide to you is the pathway for gaining profit in your business through e-commerce which would help you in improving your sales performance and gaining more and more satisfied customers.

For building an e-commerce website there are mainly 3 stages involved – Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway and Security. We will design and develop your e-commerce website for you keeping in mind your budget as well as the latest technology.

Shopping cart : – Shopping cart is where you can display all your products and its details on the e-store of your website. When a customer gets in to your website, he will select one/several products as per his requirement from this e-store. Once he has selected the total number of items that he needs he will get a payment option for paying through various credit cards and will also get complete details pertaining to the transactions.
Payment Gateway : – When the customer is through with the selection process, their credit cards need to be processed and accepted through authorised banks or gateway provider companies. Intellisoftec would be designing and integrating your website with the payment gateway software which these payment gateways will provide to us. This will enable all the online payment credit cards transactions to be done in a safe and secure manner.
Security : – There should be a security mechanism not just for you but also for the customer to confide that there won?t be any malicious thing done with credit card information and it is safe to provide detail of the credit card. Intellisoftec provide you the security safe to provide detail of the credit card.
Intellisoftec provide you the security Intellisoftec design and develop shopping carts as per the requirements and budget also select the technology such that it fulfils all the needs and could be upgraded too, so that customer can search and choose through the them.

PayPal integration

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateway services available on the web today. With over a million active users, it has a well defined API called PayPal IPN.

There are two basic methods of integrating your e-commerce solution with the Paypal gateway:

1) Express checkout – You can save time as you skip several checkout steps by using the billing and shipping information stored on PayPal, by choosing the Express Checkout. It is a quick solution where you generate the payment button and use it as part of your checkout process.

2) Processing via PayPal IPN – This is the call back mechanism which transmits payment details to you. This is used by high volume online retailers who want to store customer details on their own website rather than at PayPal.

PayPal Integration is a core area of our expertise programmers who can provide you with integration services. Our software programmers have thorough knowledge of both the PayPal integration methods and can easily implement it on your website or, for your ecommerce shopping cart.

If you are looking for experienced programmers in this area, Contact us now!